Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Debates Done & Dusted ; Last Round Starts

No-one, again, seemed to emerge blinking into the warm glow of 'winning' after last night's debate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

They discussed their healthcare plans at rather dull length for sixteen minutes. They both said how much they respect the other, before making it clear they thought themselves were the best for the job. Plus, the difficult-for-Clinton issue of NAFTA came up. Meanwhile Obama went on about his ability to bring people together.

Tell The Truthiness ; As nice and needed as debates are, enough about them and come on Ohio and Texas!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Olbermann's Bush Era Timeline 2002-2008

Here is an excellent piece from Countdown of the 'terror' warnings of the last five years and their uncanny closeness to sensitive political incidents for the Bush administration.

Tell The Truthiness ; Worryingly, what could be added to this during the next 331 days before he leaves?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saunter To The White House 30 ; Lobbyists, Denials & Debate Moments

This weekend the campaigns, for all contenders, have had very different stories to deal with.

John McCain, 'Mr Straight Talk' , has had to explain accusations about a lobbyist who looks uncannily like his wife.

Barack Obama has been telling those alleging he's stolen lines from someone's speeches, that the same man is on his team for the campaign.

And everyone else has been reading into some comments made at the Democratic CNN Debate that Hillary Clinton is readying herself and the country that she may not be the candidate.

Tell The Truthiness ; Get plenty of bed rest, we need to be fresh and alert for Texas and Ohio on the fourth!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Saunter To The White House 29 ; Ten Out Of Ten For Obama, Clinton Ohio/Texas Last Stand

John McCain would do well to take the next month off, since he is, in all but name, the Republican candidate. Not just for the sake of working for something he already has, but to know, in four weeks time who he will be fighting against.

Obama extended his lead, taking Hawaii and Wisconsin yesterday. The Clinton campaign immediately moved on, pinning hopes, again, like happened before, on the next set of states. This time, those hopes are placed in Ohio and Texas. And once again, the next voting date is seen as decisive.

Tell The Truthiness ; This time though, Texas and Ohio will be Hillary Clinton's last stand. Lets hope, for her sake, she has something to pull out of a ten-gallon hat. If she's not wearing one, then Bill probably will.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Bush , FISA, Warmongering & A Special Comment

Here is last night's Special Comment by Keith Olbermann from Countdown on MSNBC.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Saunter To The White House 28 ; Momentum - The Current Winner

Post Super Tuesday and pre everything else, some frustrations appear to be boiling over.

John McCain's attitude to Mike Huckabee seems to be similar to trying to shake something nasty off his shoe. No matter how hard he tries, it still stays there. As done the distinct odour of true republicanism. While Hillary Clinton is trying to play things as cool as possible, resembling a duck who is paddling furiously under the waterline, in an effort just to remain afloat. Don't mention the change in management of her campaign, the delegate numbers showing Obama the leader, her last win being Arizona or anything else.

Tell The Truthiness ; Everything rests with Texas, Clinton's doing a Giuliani. And we all know how that turned out. Gulp.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Saunter To Super Tuesday ; A Racing Certainty & A 50/50

John McCain is leading the Republican field for tomorrow's primaries and caucuses. For the democrats it's once again as unpredictable as a Lost plot line or story arc.

Hillary Clinton, who had a slight comfortable lead nationally, has been caught on a level by an Obama surge in the last few days. Mr Obama gained the endorsement of Maria Shriver, the wife of California governor Schwarzenegger (who endorsed John McCain). Meanwhile Mrs Clinton has remained on a steady footing, not being knocked off by the shivering chance of having Ann Coulter campaign for her, or any blustering from her husband.

John McCain meanwhile has raised the heckles of some GOP senators who fear that people who have had run-ins with him in the past will have to swallow hard and smile when he gets the nomination. Hardly grounds for a united party come election time.

Tell The Truthiness ; Super Tuesday is shaping up to be a real cracker. We live in interesting times.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Saunter To The White House 27 ; 48 Hours Treading Water

With Super Tuesday on, well, Tuesday, all the candidates are banking on repeating their selling points over and over again. The worse thing that can happen now is something unexpected.

Meanwhile, some of the campaigns seem to be more media savvy than others, Barack Obama's music video is the most obvious one after all the internet 'money bombing' and grass roots efforts for libertarian Ron Paul.

Tell The Truthiness ; Can anyone see John McCain supporters doing anything like this?

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Saunter To The White House 26 ; Can We Say Killer Ticket?

Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama?

Either way, it's the only certain, bullet-proof way of preventing a Republican White House for the third term in a row. The tit for tat sniping that's been taking place since the beginning of the year, suddenly stopped on debate night.

Have the two camps realised that only one of them will win on Super Tuesday and that a united front has greater odds of winning than a splitting down party lines.

Tell The Truthiness ; There's no chance of that happening with McCain and Romney.

Friday, February 01, 2008

FISA & Wiretapping Special Comment From Keith Olbermann

If you've got shares in any US telecoms giants, then perhaps you should watch this.

Tell The Truthiness ; George Bush and his team needs to be held to account.
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