Thursday, March 27, 2008

Saunter To The White House 38 ; Reuters Says It's Over For Hillary Clinton

Reuters has become the latest media outlet to report or editorialise that Hillary Clinton is fighting a battle she has little chance of winning. The Politico was the first of any significance to call time on Clinton's campaign bid.

Tell The Truthiness ; Is it just media positioning, or will this judgement become the majority view in the coming weeks?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

War On Reality Part 85 ; PM Gives Basra Fighters Deadline

Nouri al-Maliki has given gunmen in Basra a 72 hour period to give up their weapons and surrender. Meanwhile, the British forces that retreated to the airport in December remain there and are not helping the Iraqi army deal with the increase in violence.

Tell The Truthiness ; Is this as bad as it gets, or is Basra slipping back into it's previous lawless state?

War On Reality Part 84 ; An Artistic Response To Bush & McCain

This picture was published in response to the death toll mark being reached the other day.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

War On Reality Part 83 ; A Disconnected President

What was President Bush doing on the day that the death toll of US personnel reached 4000?

Hugging an Easter bunny.

Tell The Truthiness ; Then again, has he ever shown any true understanding, no matter what the casualty figure was?

Bill Richardson Separated At Birth From...

... yes, that's right, actor John Rhys-Davies.

Tell The Truthiness ; So, not only does Obama have Bill Richardson's backing, but also the guy from The Lord Of The Rings and Sallah from Indiana Jones. Is there anyone else left to say "yes we can" ?

Friday, March 21, 2008

Saunter To The White House 37 ; Bill Richardson Endorses Barack Obama

Tell The Truthiness ; Is it just us, or did they both look like a possible ticket stood together today?

Saunter To The White House 36 ; Passports Breach For Obama, Clinton & McCain

After last night's news that Barack Obama's passport details had been breached by contractors within the State Department, the story continues.

This lunchtime, as if this story couldn't get any worse, details emerged that Hillary Clinton's and John McCain's records had also been breached at separate times to Senator Obama's. Barack Obama's record was breached on three individual occasions since the beginning of the year.

Tell The Truthiness ; It'll be interesting to find out what the motivation of those who breached these confidential details was. Was it sheer curiosity, or is there a hidden motive to all this?

Holding Them To Account 11 ; Fox News Feuds On Friday

The editorial policy at Fox News boiled over for all to see for what it is today. Anchor Brian Kilmeade walked off the set and later Chris Wallace slated his own network for "Obama bashing". All this follows the misrepresenting of comments by Senator Obama about his grandmother.

Tell The Truthiness ; Fox News, Fairly Unbalanced On Their Unbalancing

Thursday, March 20, 2008

War On Reality Part 82 ; 5 Years Of This & How Things Can Be Different

The fifth anniversary of the US led invasion and occupation of Iraq has thrown up a lot of numbers. The deaths, military and civilian, money wasted, attacks, the list is pretty endless. But there is one thing, above everything that we have learned and it's illustrated on the cover of today's Independent, shown above.

The one lesson we never learn is that of history. Human's have very short memories. From the constant meddling by other people and other countries in the Middle East since the dawn of time to the ignorance of federal officials of the mathematical vulnerability of a below sea-level city to the affects of a hurricane's winds and flood waters.

But instead we bury our heads in the sand and claim ignorance, when the lessons of history surround us, like the elephant in the room. This happened the last five years and still we are there, fighting for what exactly?

According to today's news from London, it's against a shadowy collection of loosely affiliated groups that are all around us and all out to get us.

But, look deeper, with more attention to detail and you'll find that things are not like that, the threat has been exaggerated. Using that report as an example, the UK of the 1970s was a far more dangerous place to exist than today's version. In 1972, 470 people were killed by terrorists (the legacy, mostly of the IRA) and in 2007, that number was three (the last fragments of violence in Northern Ireland).

The politics of fear has been almost fine-tuned these past seven years. We've seen the fake terror threats. We've seen the linking of any criminal activity to al-Qaeda. Yes, that includes those people at work who offer you pirate copies of DVDs, they're on a hotline to Osama Bin Laden and are planning the next big attack. We've seen the hyping of non-existent or paper thin intelligence on the next country to attack.

Then to top all that, President Bush, today, on this most sobering of dates, claims victory in Iraq. His Vice President goes one better and responds to a question about two thirds of the US public being against the war, Cheney responded with "so?".

But, things don't have to be like this and recent movements since the start of the year indicate they won't be soon. The interest by Americans and others around the World in the nominees for President has never been seen before in recent times. Every speech, every primary, every stand on an issue is devoured and analysed by media, but equally by the public.

To take things back from the brink of another seven years of what we've just been through, get involved, become an active citizen, get informed and keep informed on what elected officials are doing, even if it's only locally in your town or city. Become a member of a party, attend rallies, investigate those you are considering voting for.

Tell The Truthiness ; We have lived as if in a trance, we have lived as people in fear. That nightmare, that has become daily life for too many of us, is coming to an end. We are waking up from it and it's up to us, not only to move onto a new era of citizen, grassroots led governance, but to promise we shall not let future generations repeat our mistakes.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Keith Olbermann Special Comment Tonight On Clinton Campaign

Tonight's must-see is on MSNBC tonight at 8ET, with a Special Comment on Keith Olbermann's Countdown about the Clinton campaign.

Saunter To The White House 35 ; Accusations, Resignations & Another Win

It's becoming difficult to keep up with the twists in the Clinton and Obama campaigns.

After the primary wins for Hillary in Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island, Barack evened things up by taking the Texas Caucus (at 41% of votes counted) and Vermont. Then there was the resignation for the Hillary 'monster' comment, then there was today's resignation after the accusation of Barack only getting to this point due to being black.

Plus Obama won Mississippi.

Tell The Truthiness ; So it rolls on.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Saunter To The White House 34 ; And... We Still Don't Know

After Super Tuesday Part 2 : Another Cliffhanger, there still is no clear Democratic frontrunner.

Up until Tuesday, press coverage leaned on the side of Obama, with cycle after cycle calling it the final hours for Clinton. Then she won three of the four contests. Now all the same people are talking about her comeback. Then there's discussion about Michigan and Florida having primary real-runs (they wouldn't really be reruns, since they didn't properly take place, with only Clinton being on the ballot in Michigan, in the first place.), after the penalties placed on them due to their early scheduling of voting. Plus there's discussion of a Clinton/Obama ticket (not sure about the order).

Tell The Truthiness ; At least we know that John McCain is the Republican nominee. Plus he can take plenty of naps in the afternoon between now and November, so he's all rested for the main event.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Saunter To The White House 33 ; Obama Gets Own Show!

Tell The Truthiness ; Tune in next week for the next exciting episode!

Saunter To The White House 32 ; Saturday Night Clinton (& Giuliani)

MSNBC spoof debate :

Hillary's Response & Introduction :

The this man pops up, remember him?

Tell The Truthiness ; Thank goodness the writer's strike is over.

Saunter To The White House 31 ; Daily Show Confronts Bias Claims

Tell The Truthiness ; The truth and nothing else. Sort of.
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