Sunday, October 29, 2006

Be very careful prizing that bottle out of his hand.

One excellent political rule the US have that the UK doesn't is that a President can only sit for two terms, whereas in the UK the Prime Minister can rule for as long as they want (or before the people or their own party throw them out, see Margaret Thatcher).

In the current state we are all in, regardless of national boundary, whether that be the US, UK, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia, or the Middle East we are all effected by the rule that the US government is bounded by. That means the current President and his effect on everything, EVERYTHING, don't be thinking that just because you don't live in the US you aren't effected by it. The US is, at the moment, the World's only true Super-Power, it has airbases in almost every country it has ever had military action in, it's oil comes, mostly from the Middle East, it's clothes come mostly from Asia.

If America sneezes, we all catch a cold in a sense.

Thats why the 4th November 2008 is such an important date, that's when Bush's employment contract runs out. It would be easy to assume that because he has limited time left the Bush Administration's power is ebbing away, true there is a decent chance he will loose control of the Senate. At the same time, public support for an unwinable war (sorry, he won that didn't he? I saw the banner 'mission accomplished', silly me), constant scandals and a general suspicion of US foreign policy abroad makes it seem that Bush is on a downward stretch.

Or is he?

Think about it, 2 years left in office, what would you do before your time was up? He no longer needs to worry about opinion polls as he can't be re-elected, so, just get your head down and charge!

Imagine this, a drunk in a liquor store, the owner's called the police, they're on their way, what's the guy going to do? He know's the cops will grab him and he has no chance of getting away, the owner is safely behind the counter, keeping a safe distance. The drunk does the only thing he knows what to do, grabs and opens and drinks as many and as much as he can before the officers charge through the door.

The question is, will he go quietly into the goodnight and (maybe this is a real big stretch, but I live in hope) atone for some of the questionable actions, or rage, rage againest the dying of the light?

We all have a responsibility to make sure the two years he has left are two in which the people, for who Bush is meant to serve, tell their leader exactly what they want him to do.

It can't be the other way round, its a democracy.

For anyone who's interested, look the word up on Wikipedia. And for anyone reading this from Iraq, 'democracy' is that thing we promised we'd bring with us along with the tanks and hummers. Somehow it got lost in the mail.

Maybe the democracy is in the same place as the Weapons Of Mass Destruction.

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