Wednesday, February 28, 2007

War On Reality Part 3 ; A Question That Demands Respect

The BBC has dragged it's heals on a developing story that's become viral on the internet these past few days.

A video was posted on YouTube, BBC footage from the afternoon of 9/11 showing reporter Jane Standley standing in front of the skyline of the World Trade Center site, claiming that Building 7 of the WTC complex had collapsed BEFORE it actually did at 1720 EST.

Here's that video

The BBC Editors Blog responded to this by saying they had lost the tapes of that days events and couldn't confirm the time discrepancy. Besides they added, confusion reigned supreme on that day (forgive us BBC, but you are the World's most respected news gathering organisation, isn't this just the sort of event you should excel in covering?)

They went further to distance themselves from being considered part of the conspiracy.

End of story?

No, today a BBC News 24 (the BBC's 24 hour rolling news channel) video has been uploaded which has a datestamp clearly in the bottom left hand corner of the screen showing 2154 Greenwich Mean Time, meaning it was 1654 on the US East Coast, while the anchor, Gavin Esler announces the collapse of the Salomon Brothers Building ( World Trade Center Buliding 7).

  • Here's the link to that video here

  • Both videos have gone viral all over the internet and pressure on the BBC to give a correct and detailed answer to this is growing.

    There are varied and numerous reports of foreknowledge of Building 7's imminent collapse, the most notable in the context of this story is CNN's anchor at the time, Aaron Brown who reported at 1615 EST that the building '' has collapsed or is collapsing''.

    A full hour and five minutes before it fell and it was being announced to BBC and CNN?

    The Truthiness Blog Says ; Let Us Not Tolerate These Outrageous Theories, Its Time For Answers.

    War On Reality Part 2 ; The Laura Truman Show

    In an interview on Larry King Live on CNN, that well known Iraq expert, Laura Bush said she blamed the media for showing that '' one bombing a day'' on the TV screens.

    Yes, because the media are misreporting the Iraq civil war situation to a vast degree First Lady.

    It sounds like Mrs Bush is trying to make the war sound like an episode of Scooby Doo.

    The Truthiness Blog Says ; We would have got away with it too if it hadn't been for that pesky one bombing a day!

    War On Reality ; Part 1

    While making an unannounced visit to Bagram Air Force base in Afghanistan, a bomb, large enough to kill 20 people, including 2 US Servicemen exploded. The visitor was Vice President Dick Cheney, he had the stupidity to say '' remain calm, all's well''.

    This seems to be happening more and more often, a few weeks ago Iraq Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki was stood on the steps of a government building, surrounded on all sides by security staff, guys tall enough and big enough to block out the light, while he read a statement. An explosion made all the staff round him turn their heads in shock, the PM carried on, not flinching at all and sticking to the script.

    When the President and Vice-President say things are fine in Iraq ; but the Iraqi PM has got so use to the lawlessness that he doesn't even flinch, you know that someone isn't living in the same reality as everyone else.

    The Truthiness Blog Says ; Take the pieces of cheese out your ears and listen to the bombs going off.

    Friday, February 23, 2007

    How To Look Stupid By 'Getting Down With The Kids'

    In the UK, the opposition leader David Cameron has been photographed with a youth making a gun symbol toward him as he walks away. He was ridiculed several months ago for asking people to be more caring and compassionate, putting his case across to 'hug a hoodie'.

    For non-UK readers, a hoodie is a slang term for a teenager hanging round, often in groups with their hood of a sweat-top up over their head. Its been used mostly in a derogatory way by the majority of the mainstream media.

    This is the problem any politicans on the campaign trail attempting to court a youth vote, or just appear more 'with it' then their rivals, applying more and more to American politics as young become more interested in issues, but less interested in the political process.

    The Truthiness Blog Says ; Don't try and talk down to younger voters, you do enough of that to middle aged voters and stop trying to 'look' cool and just get on with the job.

    The Judges From Boston Legal Exist! Here's One Of Them!

    As the court action concerning the final resting place of Anna Nicole Smith draws to a close, news outlets assumed we'd be talking about the specifics of the decision and the main family players vying for a piece of the limelight.

    How wrong we all were!

    What the heck was that judge on! Take a look, he's like the Denny Crane of judges!

    Thursday, February 22, 2007

    Heather Mills McCartney To Do A TV Turn To Boost Her Ratings

    No doubt at the wishes of her PR people, Heather Mills McCartney, the estranged wife of Paul McCartney, is to appear in the US on ABC's Dancing With The Stars.

    She currently caught up in a divorce with the former Beatles songwriter, she could receive a substantial chunk of his fortune if the divorce comes down in her favour.

    The Truthiness Blog Says ; What first attracted you Heather to millionaire and superstar Paul McCartney?

    PS Someone remember to staple that piece of paper with her number on her back.

    Craig Makes A Lot Of Sense

    Bald Britney Tries Out For Vendetta 2 Sequel

    The shock and concern being made all over the media and in entertainment circles over the mental health of pop princess Britney Spears can be explained exclusively by the Truthiness Blog tonight.

    Following last Friday's severe haircut in Los Angeles, fear was expressed that Britney was becoming unhinged. The truth though is that following the release of 2005's V For Vendetta, a sequel is in the works and Britney is on the shortlist to play Natalie Portman's character Evey's, stunt-double.

    Rumours that she may be planning to jump from the top of the London Eye complete with parachute and 'V' mask haven't been confirmed yet.

    She may yet be losing it, as that scene isn't even in the script!

    The Truthiness Blog Says ; Do You Know Where You Are Britney Spears? That's Right, A Tattoo Parlour.

    Wednesday, February 21, 2007

    Common Sense Spreads To Britain's Iraq Policy

    The late breaking story tonight is that Tony Blair is due to announce a withdrawal of UK troops from the north of the country tomorrow.

    Despite all that's been said and the requirement to stay until the job is done, the UK is breaking it's shoulder-to-shoulder stance with the United States since the so called War On Terror began.

    Bush has to prepare for how cold it's going to be, stood there, defending the World from the scum of the Universe, all by himself.

    The Truthiness Blog Says ; We aren't traditionally patriotic but ; bring them home Bush.

    Friday, February 16, 2007

    Valentine's Day Press Conference Part 2 ; The Words Are His Downfall

    When questioned on the definition of 'Civil War', the President added a curious phrase, 'relative peace' to his vocabulary. He said Iraq would achieve relative peace.

    Will he soon start saying that Iran is a 'relative threat' and therefore he's justified sending in a force?

    There used to be somewhere else which was called by a similar phrase, it was 'credible threat' through their Weapons Of Mass Destruction, where was it, lots of oil, errm, oh yeah, Iraq!

    The President better not think our minds are that forgetful with regard to 'credible threats', or 'relative peace'.

    The Truthiness Blog Says ; We Bring You Relatively Real News, You Know, Nearly Real, But Not Quite.

    Civil War? What Civil War?

    The most powerful and (we assume) most well informed person in the World, President Bush said at his Valentine's Day press conference that he wasn't sure a civil war was going on in Iraq, he even said to an ABC reporter, '' you've been there, I haven't''.

    He said he lives in the White House and he's not very well informed, he just goes to and from the doors of planes, helicopters, cars and buildings, smiles and gets his photo taken a lot and he reckons the people who inform him about what happens on the ground don't 'qualify' it as 'that'.

    Perhaps those on the 'ground' want to 'qualify' but want to go for the 'gold', like the Olympics.

    In the same way that you 'define' the phrase ' competent president'.

    The Truthiness Blog Says ; Of course he knows what he's doing, he's the 'President'.

    Sunday, February 11, 2007

    ......And The US We All Wish Was Hidden In The Past.

    We all know the policy of the US abroad, indeed against its own citizens at home come to that has been, at the least, questionable, since September 2001, but its now been cemented by comments by another superpower.

    The US had, President Putin said, overstepped its borders in every way, seeking to impose its will on the world.

    When your former enemy, lead by a former spy, decides to take a swipe at the way the US conducts itself in the World community, you know something's wrong.

    When Russia starts having a go, calling the US out, then it's time for President Bush to take a long, hard look at the state his States are in, through his leadership.

  • Click here to see Putin's comments that all other World leaders have probably been thinking

  • The Truthiness Blog Says ; He's got until 2008, maybe he'll do some redeeming and surprise us all.

    The US We All Remember......

    Yesterday Illinois Senator Barack Obama made it official his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for President. He made his declaration on the steps of the Old State Captiol, Springfield where President Lincoln made his famous 'divided house to stand together' speech.

    Despite all the apparent hype that the media is saying is the sole reason for him being swept along, that he is young and inexperienced, there's one thing that is heavily on his side.

    People like him.

    They actually believe in what he talks about and the way he speaks about it.

    For those outside the US and those within it's borders that have a memory that goes back further than September 2001, this is the type of US the rest of the World admires and wishes we get back to sooner rather than later.

    The Truthiness Blog Says ; A President People Could Be Proud Of?

    Wednesday, February 07, 2007

    Attempted Murderer Asked To Remain Within The City Limits

    In a story that's consumed the US and it'd media, the astronaut Lisa Nowak who drove 900 miles to attack a woman who had designs on a Navy Commander.

    Ms Nowak has been freed on bail and been asked not to leave the Solar System, unless she can report to a intergalactic police post.

    The Truthiness Blog Says ; This case is really going to blast off!

    Tuesday, February 06, 2007

    Tony Blair's spellchecker substitutes Iran For Iraq

    Tony Blair and George Bush continue this week to deny there is any link between constant talk about '' no invasion of Iran'' and the constant sentences that include the words 'invasion', 'iraq' and 'iran'.

    '' No one is talking about an invasion'' said a slightly peeved Tony Blair Tuesday lunchtime.

    Indeed, no one is talking about an Iranian invasion. But two people in particular ARE talking about not invading, Tony Blair and George 'Denny Crane' Bush.

    In the opinion of opinionators, its the classic 'bait and switch', promise something and then at the last minute, switch a few words round in those quotes and we'll be throwing sweets in downtown Tehran.

    So watch out and if Tony or George turn up on your doorstep offering to save you money if you switch phone companies, for god sake don't sign anything.

    The Truthiness Blog Says ; Sell your Iranian holiday home NOW!

    Monday, February 05, 2007

    Bird Flu Transfers To Cartoon Ducks ; Cartoon Network To Be Slaughtered

    In a story which changes minute by minute this Monday lunchtime, we can reveal the case of bird flu discovered in EAstern England has spread. The latest victims are believed to be Huey, Dewey and Louie from the popular Disney Ducktales cartoon family.

    There are unconfirmed reports that their Grand-Uncle, Scrooge McDuck is in isolation to prevent cross contamination.

    Daffy Duck and Count Duckula were uncontactable this lunchtime.

    The Truthiness Blog Says ; Things have gone quackers!

    We shall stay on this story for you, bringing feather-by-feather coverage.

    Sunday, February 04, 2007

    Blair Holiday Cut Short ; Don't Get Deposit Back

    The Blair family holiday at Christmas, when the Prime Minister's retreat was one of the Bee Gee's Miami homes, got cut short we were told due to mounting pressure at home.

    We at the Truthiness Blog can exclusively reveal it was due to their return flight being rescheduled. The family had booked a package deal through British Airways Holidays and rather than opt for the gold package, went for the bronze option including possible changes in flight times.

    The cheapness of their deal was shown on their Miami arrival when their arriving 747 on touchdown nearly missed the taxiway at Miami International Airport and almost skidded into the grass.

    Rumours that Mr Blair was at the controls remain unconfirmed this evening.

    The Truthiness Blog Says ; Fasten your seatbelts, there's turbulence ahead.

    I Really Wanna See Those Numbers ; Where's My Abacus? It Doesn't Reach 1000

    Here's some statistics from a collection of recent surveys;

    - 62% of Americans disapprove of Bush's job performance.

    - 70% disapprove of his policy in Iraq.

    meanwhile in an unrelated poll conducted this weekend;

    - 67% of George W Bush thinks 98.5% of Americans are unpatriotic and don't believe him when he says he's the decider.

    - 1000 Iraqi civilians have been killed this week, the highest rate ever.

    The Truthiness Blog Says ; Two thirds of the Truthiness office staff believe that 99.7% of the stuff that comes out of his mouth to be total sh.., well what does come out his mouth is certainly 100% pure.

    The Truthiness Blog Also Says ; Not that we're editorialising or anything.

    Letter From America ; Bush's Letter Was Only The Start Of It

    In a show of desperately shown pathetic force, George Bush has this weekend tried to reason with the forces causing the civil war (no, not the Department Of Defence) in Iraq by sending an open letter to Iraq's main newspaper.

    Published in Sunday's edition of the Baghdad and Iraq Post, the open letter includes, according to our sources, the phrase ''why can't we all just get along?''.

    The letter located on page twelve, is sandwiched next to a story about hot new oil extraction opportunities that have become available in the southern portion of Iraq.

    One commentator commentated that since President Bush has the power to open any mail in the US, it was only fair that any letter the President was able to send was seen in a public forum, such as a newspaper.

    Rumour that the President's letter was only included in Sunday's edition after the alleged intimate letters of Paris Hilton found in a container a fortnight ago were bought by the downmarket media whore that is the far more trashy ' Baghdad People' and left the edtior of the Baghdad and Iraq Post with a whole page to fill have been strongly denied by a reporter at the paper, Hildy Johnson.

    The Truthiness Blog Says ; Extra, extra!

    Saturday, February 03, 2007

    Terror Threat Weather Forecast; Take An Umbrella And AK-47

    Here's tomorow's terror threat forecast in full, just in from the White House,

    There's a large area of insurgency moving in overnight, affecting almost all areas with only those in more remotes part just getting a light sprinkling. Mid-afternoon this will give way to general lawlessness for major towns and cities, those in rural districts will be bound to receive some of this, but we don't have monitoring equipment or staff in those areas, so if we don't see it, it doesn't happen.

    So in summary; we don't see any change at any point in the near future, unless fresh air begins to blow in, bringing with it a new and much welcomed change in policy.

    The Truthiness Blog Says ; Don't forget your IED Sunscreen!

    PM Catches Bird Flu ; Starts Thinking He's A Weatherman. Chickens Think They're The PM

    With the announcement this morning that the fatal form of bird flu, strain H5N1 ( with medical officials saying that the previous strain, N4N1 being called SO last season), the first human in the UK to catch and exhibit symptoms has been revealed.

    The first UK effected citizen is that famous face, the Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

    Addressing recent controversey about the 'Cash for Peerages' police investigation, the Prime Minister made reference to periods of 'storm' and 'calm'.

    Medical experts say the PM is showing symptoms showing he thinks he's a weather forecaster.

    Rumours that some officials have commented that they don't need the Prime Minister to tell them when it's peeing down remain unconfirmed this lunchtime.

    The Truthiness Blog Says; It's freezing out there, so do wrap up!
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