Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Reported Iraqi Deaths Fall 50 Percent, Will It Last?

Iraqi civilian deaths have fallen by half during September, the lowest level for over a year.

The US military claims the fall in casualty numbers is due to the 30,000 extra troops and different strategies.

Tell The Truthiness ; Has the number of unreported deaths, which aren't included in these figures fallen as well? Could this be a turning point? We won't hold our breath to wait and see.


PoliShifter said...

Few mention the fact that the Mahdi Army has been in stand down since Sept 1st.

How many people did they kill on average per month? Add that to Sept's death toll and that will give an indication if the surge is really working or not.

mockney said...

Ahh ha! I knew I'd read this somewhere a while ago, in the middle of an article, buried where few people would read it. Of course, this wasn't on the TV news so it quickly became forgotten.

It would be interesting if the casualty and death figures were compiled by an independent organisation, or say the Swiss or someone and see how different they are to the 'official US' ones.

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