Sunday, December 02, 2007

War On Reality Part 77 ; British & Don't Like Bush? Lock Your Doors Now

If the lax attitude to the advantages of democracy you thought had been reached by the US government, think again.

At the Court Of Appeal in London, a lawyer for the US government said that kidnapping of UK citizens is legal.

That's right. You may be the United States greatest ally. You may have stood by our shoulder on 9/11. You may have gone into Afghanistan and illegally into Iraq at our behest.

But we will kidnap your own citizens on your soil, if we like.

Because it's now law. Indeed, it's been law since the 1860s.

You would expect the US government then to calm fears by issuing a statement saying it needs amending and in the meantime it is doubtful it would be used?

Tell The Truthiness : However, the US Department Of Justice declined to comment. Typical.

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