Thursday, March 06, 2008

Saunter To The White House 34 ; And... We Still Don't Know

After Super Tuesday Part 2 : Another Cliffhanger, there still is no clear Democratic frontrunner.

Up until Tuesday, press coverage leaned on the side of Obama, with cycle after cycle calling it the final hours for Clinton. Then she won three of the four contests. Now all the same people are talking about her comeback. Then there's discussion about Michigan and Florida having primary real-runs (they wouldn't really be reruns, since they didn't properly take place, with only Clinton being on the ballot in Michigan, in the first place.), after the penalties placed on them due to their early scheduling of voting. Plus there's discussion of a Clinton/Obama ticket (not sure about the order).

Tell The Truthiness ; At least we know that John McCain is the Republican nominee. Plus he can take plenty of naps in the afternoon between now and November, so he's all rested for the main event.

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