Wednesday, May 28, 2008

MSNBC Gets It From The Left & The Right

Here's an interesting report on MSNBC being accused of bias in coverage of the race for the white house and the bush administration.

It's interesting to point out that for the last few years Keith Olbermann has defended himself from being called liberal by saying that when he covered the Monica Lewinsky story he wasn't accused of being right wing.

Here's a Bill Moyers interview, in three parts, with Keith Olbermann. The second part begins with Keith talking about that moment in the Bill Clinton presidency.

Part 1 ;

Part 2 ;

Part 3 ;

Tell The Truthiness ; When things are skewed to one side, you have to create a rebalance by moving across to the other side of the spectrum. That's what's happening in US media and politics right now. It's a natural rebalance.

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