Friday, June 13, 2008

Holding Them To Account 15 ; A Hero Stands Up & Says "Enough"

It came from an unexpected person and without warning. But was welcomed by a large number of people.

Conservative MP David Davis, the shadow home secretary, resigned yesterday afternoon to protest against the Labour government plan to detain terrorist suspects for 42 days without charge. His resignation will trigger a by-election, which he plans to fight on the issue of civil liberties.

He made a speech on the steps of the House Of Commons in which he rallied against ID cards, CCTV cameras and the increase in the length of detention without trial or charge for terrorist suspects.

Tell The Truthiness ; It only takes one person to stand up and say "no", but we know it will take more individuals to stand up, as Mr Davis leads the way. We are not going to surrender our common law rights, no matter how much some people try and scare us into submission.

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