Sunday, February 08, 2009

Schumer Predicts Stimulus To Pass By End Of The Week

The Senator from New York, Chuck Schumer is predicting that the Stimulus Bill will pass by the end of this week, despite the opposition foot dragging by the republicans.

Telling The Truthiness Says ; The reason Mr Schumer is optimistic? The results of the bill not going through are too big to contemplate and no-one wants to be found responsible for a failure of that magnitude. But the question is, how much damage has been done by this delay in the House? We may never know.


The Intellectual Redneck said...

According to the CBO, the stimulus bill will actually hurt the economy in the long run. However, there is the possibility it will stimulate illegal immigration. In addition to providing up to 300 thousand construction jobs for illegal aliens, the bill will bail out irresponsible states like California. This will allow them to avoid dealing with one of the primary reasons they have a budget deficit. That reason is the extensive and expensive social net they have extended to illegal immigrants. Obama's stimulus will stimulate illegal immigration

mockney said...

The cost of doing nothing would be far worse than any damage the stimulus might do. Besides, how can government spending at a time of recession be a bad thing?

Infrastructure spending should happen at all times, regardless of whether the economy is on the crest or in a trough and at a time of recession can be a shot in the arm to the economy.

The most basic process of government is to protect people, a stimulus package of government spending and investment will protect people against an even worse economy than if we stood idly by.

It's amazing how people who have been in government for the past 8 years are now blaming the recession on the new administration.

Pots, kettles and lots of short-term memories.

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