Saturday, August 11, 2007

Bob Murray - Public Face Of A Very Private Disaster

Despite all that's been said about the Utah mining collapse, much of the information is being relayed from the mine operator and not from the emergency services.

Misleading infomation about the cause of the collapse hangs over Mr Murray who lobbied against safety measures being brought into the industry by state of Ohio lawmakers.

Murray Energy Corp's face during the whole of the events in Utah has been Bob Murray. Indeed, he's made sure to be in almost every single picture as the rescue moves forward.

In 2001, he sued the Akron Beacon Journal for $1 billion over an unflattering profile. (Among other things, the story said: "Even his friends roll their eyes at his hyperbole.") The case was settled out of court on undisclosed terms.

Also, in 2001, Murray was acquitted of charges he assaulted an environmental activist fighting Murray's plans to mine beneath a 400-year-old forest in Ohio. Murray was accused of throwing Chad Kister into a wall outside a hearing room. Murray claimed the accusations were politically and financially motivated.

Tell The Truthiness ; Like the judge in the Anna Nicole Smith case, with Mr Murray you know you shouldn't watch him on camera, but are secretly fascinated by this blustering man who's responsible for what's happening in Utah.

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