Thursday, August 16, 2007

Enemy Of The People ; Sssh, Anyone Could Be Listening

With the President on his way out, not until January 20th 2009 (not that we're counting or anything), he's making sure that the ability of the administration to have domestic surveillance made as easy and in depth as possible is achieved before it's too late.

Like something out of Enemy Of The State, surveillance not before available will be allowed to be used to by agencies. This includes radars able to see objects inside buildings and underground, plus satellites with infrared cameras to be more effective during night hours as well as during the day.

Tell The Truthiness ; Giving up some of our freedoms helps us catch those who don't believe in it? That 'reason' is starting to wear really thin Mr Bush. Especially when you 'don't think' about Bin Laden too much, but can read from space the headline on our newspaper.

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