Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Saunter To The White House 14 ; McCain Gets Security Endorsement At Ghoulish Location

Everyone's favourite booby-prize candidate, Rudy Giuliani may be painting himself as Mr 9/11, but the opinion of one 9/11 Commission Co-Chairman doesn't think so.

Thomas H. Kean, former New Jersey Governor and co-chair of the 9/11 commission has thrown his backing for President behind Senator John McCain.

The scene of this public endorsement wasn't a town hall, or on the steps of a courthouse, but at Boston's Logan Airport, the location that Flight 11 and Flight 175 departed from before crashing into the World Trade Center towers.

Rudy Giuliani couldn't be reached for comment, rumours that he might have been meeting the President to try and link the Boston Tea Party and the Civil War to 9/11 and al-Qaeda have remained speculation.

Tell The Truthiness ; But of course, since the Republicans held their convention in New York in 2004, with security the broad issue combined with their near constant invocation of 9/11, this event seems rather tame in comparison.

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