Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Saunter To The White House 29 ; Ten Out Of Ten For Obama, Clinton Ohio/Texas Last Stand

John McCain would do well to take the next month off, since he is, in all but name, the Republican candidate. Not just for the sake of working for something he already has, but to know, in four weeks time who he will be fighting against.

Obama extended his lead, taking Hawaii and Wisconsin yesterday. The Clinton campaign immediately moved on, pinning hopes, again, like happened before, on the next set of states. This time, those hopes are placed in Ohio and Texas. And once again, the next voting date is seen as decisive.

Tell The Truthiness ; This time though, Texas and Ohio will be Hillary Clinton's last stand. Lets hope, for her sake, she has something to pull out of a ten-gallon hat. If she's not wearing one, then Bill probably will.

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