Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Debates Done & Dusted ; Last Round Starts

No-one, again, seemed to emerge blinking into the warm glow of 'winning' after last night's debate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

They discussed their healthcare plans at rather dull length for sixteen minutes. They both said how much they respect the other, before making it clear they thought themselves were the best for the job. Plus, the difficult-for-Clinton issue of NAFTA came up. Meanwhile Obama went on about his ability to bring people together.

Tell The Truthiness ; As nice and needed as debates are, enough about them and come on Ohio and Texas!


Anonymous said...

its ashame to believe that most Americans would rather have garbage than substance. Be that as it may "Let the mudslinging begin" Wake up America. The time is now The old way of doing business is over.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that America is too busy taking sound bites as in-depth news. I am soooo sick of hearing about Hillary Clinton and NAFTA... whose name was not on the bill? Her hubby's was. And let’s admit it there are insurmountable flaws in laws/agreements on the books that were not foreseen. Each administration has a duty to review issues/exploitations of laws on the books but nope it is business as usual..let’s play the blame game.
Drawing similarities between Obamah and Camelot is disgusting. Does anyone ever remember how the days of Camelot ended? It is a true injustice to their individuality and principals.. they should be outraged. People we need a president of substance and ability. People need to work to be more informed and have the right to vote for themselves as opposed to some political ponzi scheme. Let’s get with it, and make informed decisions.

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