Sunday, August 24, 2008

Saunter To The White House 112 ; McCain Doesn't Know How Many Houses He Has Or What Car He Drives

That's right, apart from the discussion that John McCain doesn't know how many homes he owns, he doesn't know what type of car he drives.

The answer to the first one is about eleven.

The answer to the second one is a Cadillac CTS.

Tell The Truthiness Says ; Tomorrow Wolf Blitzer is going to be asking McCain what's in his fridge in a new CNN feature.

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Kevin Pierce said...


NEWSWIRE--U.S. Senator John McCain said in an interview that he was uncertain how many houses he and his wife own.

Though the wealth is both his and his spouse's,
And he fancies he's close to the throne,
Politicians who live in glass houses
Should be briefed on how many they own.
Light verse, ripped from the headlines

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