Friday, January 04, 2008

Saunter To The White House 21 ; A New Start Starts In Iowa Surge

Surge seems to get a bad reputation these days, after it was hijacked by the Bush administration for Iraq. Happily, into 2008, it can be used anew for a very positive reason. But there has been a huge surge of Iowans lining up to access caucuses across the state.

And the result was?

Mike Huckabee for the GOP and Barack Obama for the Democrats.

But the headline grabbers were not just the two winners, a close look at the numbers shows astonishing results across the board.

Obama didn't just win it by a nose, his number was 37.6% of the vote, with Edwards and Clinton fighting for runner-up at 29.7% and 29.5% respectively.

On the Republicans, Huckabee was 34.3%, with the next nearest being 25.3% for Romney. The loudest candidate, Giuliani (the one we love because we don't know what he'll do next candidate) needn't have bothered with 3.5%. But Ron Paul, the man who's been banned from televised debates and cast-aside by jokes from anchors and reporters stormed to a 10% of the vote.

Tell The Truthiness ; New Hampshire - You're next!

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