Monday, January 07, 2008

Saunter To The White House 22 ; Media Goes Into Hyper-Drive Over NH

With about twenty-four hours to go before the New Hampshire Primary it seems the media, not including Chris Matthews, (who's always this wired) is in danger of spinning itself out of control.

New polls seem to be out every half an hour showing that Barack Obama's at 67% and Hillary Clinton's at 5% (those are the latest thirty minute figures). Combine that with the rumour-mill now grinding away, given a push by the Drudge Report, that Hillary Clinton may quit the race tomorrow if she doesn't win in New Hampshire, you'd be forgiven for thinking the election was the 5th of February.

On the Republican side, the great-white-hope pundits and GOP spinners have thrown themselves behind is the great-white John McCain. In addition, the man who overtook Rudy Giuliani in Iowa, Ron Paul, may have more of an impact in New Hampshire, with some speculating that the Fox snub of Ron Paul may garner a public pro-Ron Paul backlash tomorrow.

Tell The Truthiness ; Wait until the results and anything real to happen, instead of this incessant 24/7 spin, from all sides.

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