Thursday, January 24, 2008

Saunter To The White House 24 ; Bill Versus Michelle, For The Bored

With all news outlets saying 'the gloves have come off' about Obama and Hillary, since last year, a new match has been scheduled.

For those bored of the Obama/Clinton battle, or truce, whatever it currently is, Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama are starting off a parallel battle. Indeed, since most people have noted the difficult choice between the first female president and the first black president, why not have both? Michelle Obama is black and female, there's your 'out of the blue candidate'.

Tell The Truthiness ; It'll be a battle between Michelle and Rudy Giuliani in November! You heard it here first!

PS Whoever gave Giuliani the idea that putting all your eggs in the Florida basket was a good idea? Well, we will see how that went before too long.

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