Friday, September 05, 2008

Holding Them To Account 22 ; Republicans Show Their True Fear-Mongering Lying Colours In 9/11 Tribute Video

Any doubt any of us may have had last night about true change being brought to the US and the World by the reelection of the Republicans in November through John McCain and Sarah Palin has evaporated.

We didn't see last night's 9/11 'tribute' video in the lead up to John McCain's main speech, if we had, this post would have come twelve-plus hours earlier.

They linked Iran to 9/11, a blatant lie anyone with a couple of brain cells to rub together would have realised.

They will do everything they can to get your vote, just like they did in 2004, they will scare you into voting for them through terrorist imagery, which is exactly what the above video was last night. They will convince you that the only way to stay safe is to elect the Republicans and the only way to ensure another attack is to vote Democrat.

The difference between now and 2004 is that people have realised what the GOP has been doing and come hell or high water, we're not going to let you get away with it again.

So congratulations to Keith Olbermann, who last night apologised on behalf of decent, reasonably minded people everywhere for how deeply inappropriate that video was, even though he had no control over it. The rest of the media seem to have said nothing, a Google search reveals just two mentions, on TVNEWSER and The Huffington Post.

Here is Keith Olbermann's response ;

Keith Olbermann has received a lot of criticism recently that he had "gone to far", but at moments like these he is vital. Where was Tom Brokaw and other 'loftier' reporters on this 9/11 video, did they find is acceptable? Did they choose not to analyse or even cover it?

Tell The Truthiness Says ; A Daily Kos post from Keith Olbermann suggests a Special Comment next week. Hold on whoever sanctioned that video , you're about to be blown out of the water.

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