Friday, September 05, 2008

War On Reality Part 100 ; What The GOP Aren't Talking About This Election Season ; Jack Abramoff

Everyone and everything else may be focusing on the Republican convention, McCain's speech tonight, Palin's last night and the complaint the Alaskan Police Department has filed against the VP candidate.

However the news today that Jack Abramoff has been sentenced to four years for corruption, barely made the news. Of course, if the media had given the conviction the space it deserves, maybe people would be reminded of the ties the Republicans had with Abramoff.

Tell The Truthiness Says ; But no, the whole of the convention appears to be a lovefest for the future that the GOP imagines it would give the US, which goes no way to say sorry for any of the last eight years. The lying, fear-mongering, loss of personal freedoms, unlawful surveillance, environmental ignorance, false war claims and more.

But lets not talk about that, lets see if John McCain can use the word 'change' without choking first.

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