Thursday, September 25, 2008

MCCAIN MELTDOWN 2 - Media Shouts 'Enough' On Palin Smothering

It began with CNN's Campbell Brown calling out John McCain and his campaign for keeping Sarah Palin from speaking in public.

Tell The Truthiness Says ; Campbell Brown has risen one-hundredfold in our estimation.


Kevin Pierce said...


NEWSWIRE--A CNN host says the McCain campaign's decision to shield Sarah Palin from the media is sexist.

"She's a bird of a whole different feather," they whoop,
"With her plumage and pluck, we'll prevail."
Yet the vultures and hawks and the doves in the coop
Have her pigeonholed more as a Quayle.
Light verse, ripped from the headlines

mockney said...

Excellent, excellent, excellent!

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