Monday, September 17, 2007

Fox Censors 'Anything' Offensive ; Religion, War, Storylines, Truth, Freedom Of Acceptance Speeches

Sally Field's speech after winning an Emmy last night was cut off by Fox.

Fox defend themselves by saying they cut her off after the word 'god', which she followed with a 'damn', which they deem could offend some viewers.

They didn't restore the sound feed though after 'damn', they kept it quiet until she'd finished her sentence.

That sentence included an overall anti-war theme to the speech about mothers and children being brought home.

Tell The Truthiness ; As Fox says, it bleeped out anything that they deem could offend, didn't they miss all the sex and violence that they pass as 'news' on their Faux News channel?


Pamplemousse said...

Why Fox would over react to that statement? It wasn't really all that offensive, even to the average war monger. Perhaps being even vaguely anti-war is too much.

That said, I'm not sure that 'mothers' being in charge would change things all that much. Perhaps nations would be guilted and nagged into submission and armies would have to wear badly knitted sweaters.

My mom could certainly start a war or two.

mockney said...

She mangled her words pretty well.

It would have been interesting to see if someone had got up on stage and complained about the war in perfect prose. Would they have been bleeped, if they hadn't sworn?

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