Friday, September 21, 2007

President Bush Says Nelson Mandela's Dead ; Mandela Most Surprised

The common sense which may have lingered in that last, deep, dark recess of President Bush's brain has finally left it's owner and gone squinting out into the light.

He made a reference to fighters in Iraq and said, well, this...

Tell The Truthiness ; There was a statue of Mandela unveiled a few weeks ago, he was there to pull off the cover. He was the man in the bright shirt Mr Bush.


Anonymous said...

How embarrassing for you. The President's quote was a compliment to Mandela. A leader during tyranny who comes out the other side to lead his nation out of darkness. A moral man. None exist in Iraq. Saddam had them killed. That's Bush's point. He did not say Mandela has passed. It's respectful to wish there was a Mandela in Iraq. Should we just not bring his name up until the 89 year old passes away? The original question that the President was referring to was someone asking: "Where is this region's (middle east) Mandela?" Is that person to be derided as someone who mistakenly thought that a frail 89 year-old Mandela was making the rounds, dodging jihadists in Iraq? I really can't believe that someone would have misunderstood the President's evoking of Mandela's name in his statement. I can believe this though:

As one of the legions of faceless, nameless, wise-ass, know-it-all bloggers to get yet another shot in at George Bush... you should be embarrassed. You should be embarrassed that you're among a generation of kids who are getting their "news" snippets from YouTube, the daily show, and fellow bloggers.

Swindoncentric said...

We know that Bush was making a link between freedom fighters in Iraq and Nelson Mandela.

But we chose to show the truncated clip, because it was funny.

We, like the Daily Show, do not claim to be a source of real news, the name of the website is 'truthiness' which gives a bit of a clue as to it's content and aim.

We get our news from the BBC, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News (we sometimes use their clips), national and local newspapers world-wide, yes, blogs and the Daily Show and the Colbert report and YouTube.

Why should we be embarrassed?

We should be embarrassed at this President, at this needless, wasteful, pointless, tragic war.

We should be embarrassed at how he lied to get us there, lied once we got there and continues to lie to keep us there.

But you are free to voice your opinion, but if you don't like the blog ; don't read it!

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