Tuesday, September 11, 2007

War On Reality Part 42 ; We Still Have To Stay, Not Sure For How Long

Petraeus and Crocker are able to tell us a lot about Iraq. Like, according to them, the surge has begun to work, but we need to stay there longer to make sure it stays that way.

Despite this urgent need, he did say forces can begin coming back down to pre-surge levels, giving detailed numbers about this.

They were able to tell us about casualty rates, rolling averages, percentage changes, etc. All the numbers games you can ever hope to play.

However they cannot give us timetables, dates or gurantees about when any change in this false and needless war can happen.

Tell The Truthiness ; How can you be so certain about our need to remain in the country, because you say things are getting better, yet not be able to know when forces can leave?

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