Wednesday, September 12, 2007

War On Reality Part 45 ; The Secret To Lying In Politics? Timing

Many people cannot help not just being suspicious of the content of the Petraeus report, which was of course influenced and probably written by Bush's team, but also about the timing of it's release.

Just like the Republican National Convention which took place in Manhatten a year after 9/11, tapping into fears about national security, releasing this report a day before the sixth anniversary of the attacks, combined with the 'latest' video, allegedly of Osama Bin Laden is done to scare people. It's no more complicated than that. It's designed and planned to scare people about national security, worse though, it tries to reinforce the lie that 9/11 is linked to Iraq and Saddam Hussein.

Tell The Truthiness ; Its sad that not only does Bush and his team continue to string-out this myth, spreading it thinner, but also that the public and press do not speak up loudly enough when it's presented to them.

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