Thursday, September 06, 2007

War On Reality Part 39 ; Is The Truth About 9/11 Breaking Cover?

The wikipedia entry for Flight 11 and Flight 77, which we are told crashed into the World Trade Center and Pentagon respectively nearly six years ago, has been altered.

The alteration says that although those flights took off before and after that day, on September 11th they were both NOT scheduled to fly.

Corroborating this fact are details of flights which are kept at the Bureau Of Transportation Statistics.

Click here and look for yourself.

But now it gets very interesting, the alteration, which anyone can make on Wikipedia, has been traced back to a computer with an American Airlines IP address.

Tell The Truthiness ; Why is someone at American Airlines changing the details of what happened on that day? We've not been told the whole story, can someone from AA and BTS explain the most basic 'facts' and why they need alteration? What's being hidden, now is the time for questions, not ridicule.

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