Sunday, December 10, 2006

Bank Of America 'Eyes Barclays Bank', May Even Ask It To Dinner

In a move surely to anger the parents of Barclays Bank, Bank Of America is said to be 'Eyeing Barclays'.

The comment was made by the playground gossip Merrill Lynch, BOA (as he is more commonly called among his peers) is believed to have been interested in Barclays for a while now but couldn't quite pluck up the courage to ask her out.

Merrill added ' it's such a sweet thing, Barclays had been hoping something like this would happen, she's caught BOA staring at her across the lunch room before now. But everyone knows her parents are bound to be dead apposed to this.''

It's further rumoured that the couple will go on their first date to the London Stock Exchange, 7am Monday, when it's thought BOA will buy some shares and possibly a new pair of shoes for Barclays.

Speculation that it could lead to a merger or acquisition before Christmas has been strongly denied by the school nurse.

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