Monday, December 25, 2006

Wintry Winter Weather Caused By Self-Serving Guy Who Wanted To Be Seen Wearing Skis On Local News

The severe winter weather experienced last week in the Denver area which caused major disruption to holiday travellers has been explained tonight.

Snow and drifting blizzards were caused by Paul McCall of Bel Air Road, Denver. Mr McCall, who has done several evening classes in witchcraft and now has a BA in Incantations, conducted a ceremony early Tuesday morning to bring about the atmospheric impossibility.

'' I knew I had the power to turn things into different colours, my wife was very pleased when I turned her hair blonde for the office Christmas party. I was messing about, trying to see if I could get a layer of snow on our lawn, to make it feel really Christmasey when suddenly, it starts falling all over town and I couldn't stop it. Maybe I used the wrong colour candle, but it just kept going, '' said McCall, 50, an IT consultant and father of four.

Rumours by members of the Bel Air Community Coven and Neighbourhood Watch Association Group that McCall had actually known exactly what he was doing because he got up early to ski passed the local channel 1 news team and get featured on the 6.30 newscast as the 'nutty local who skied into work despite the bad weather'', have been denied.

Further rumours that the weather spell was broken by Coven members who burnt McCall's skis in a barbeque on the request of McCall's wife have also been strongly denied.

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