Friday, December 29, 2006

Saddam On The Loose; Hiding With The Help Of William Shatner

With claim and counter-claim being heard all over the media between the US and Iraqi authorities on the whereabouts of Saddam Hussein tonight, an un-named source has informed the Truthiness's Baghdad Bureau that the former leader is on the run this evening.

Early this morning it was reported that Saddam's legal team had been told to collect his personnal effects as his execution would be happening soon. There was then a back-and-forth discussion between the US authority and Iraq's governing council over who had him in custody. In the confusion, Saddam escaped, wearing a Saddam novelty mask and is believed tonight to be holed up under the protection of his new legal team, Crane, Poole And Schmidt's Baghdad office, based in the green zone.

US legal experts have suggested that Saddam's case is strongly enhanced through the use of William Shatner playing Danny Crane. Candice Burgen commented '' its difficult to disagree with anything Danny Crane says because, well, he's Danny Crane.''

Nielson reported that Boston Legal's ratings had gone ''through the roof quicker than a non-existent Iraqi WMD''.

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