Monday, December 11, 2006

Even God Says It's Not Going As We Thought In Iraq

The number of those supporting the war in Iraq continues to dwindle day-by-day leaving President Bush more isolated and out of touch.

This situation has been exasperated this evening by a press release by God's Public Relations team who have announced that he thinks a u-turn on policy is needed if things are not to decend into chaos and all out civil war.

'' Despite the work of many people and a truthiness style policy lead by Bush, it's clear that things have to change if anything is to get better or, at the least, less worse, '' said God this evening at Newark Liberty Airport as he changed planes for a three week break in the Carribbean.

Last week, a memo sent by Donald Rumsfeld in early November to the White House suggesting new options in Iraq was leaked and shows that even the wars most fierce supporter has acknowledged things need to be different.

God was unavailable for further comment.

  • Read Don's change of mind here

    KIRAN LIGHT said...

    i like your blog. it is witty and cute.

    mockney said...

    That's the first proper comment I've had, thanks it's nice that you like it! Any tips or, dare I say story ideas?

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