Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Morally Outraged Moralisers Want Limo Seat Designers Heads On Sticks

Following Britney Spears unplanned (or was it?) flash while doing her best to get out of a limo, family orientated moral outrage groups have added a new twist to the usual story of shock and 'what have we become' soundbites.

Late this afternoon members of the Parents Against Naughty Teen Stars issued a statement calling on Congress to hold a debate on limo seat designers obligations to manufacture seats that did not allow those former teen stars to alight from a streched vehicle with their dignity.

'' I find it astonishing the American People have put up with this for so long, we've got kids going to proms and parties all over the country, many getting driven there in limos and luxury hummers like this with seats that could take away their innocence '' , said Mandy McJumped-Up of Chicago, Illinois.

Rumours that PANTS may make demands on Britney Spears personally have been strongly denied.

  • Read the full story, with all the facts out in the open and a good deal more, here
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    Anonymous said...

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