Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Government Doesn't Know How Many It Employs ; Labour Unions Still Says It's Not Enough

In a move to delight all writers of fake news and satire, the UK Home Office has revealed that due to poor book-keeping it's not totally sure how many staff it employs.

This similar attention to detail is also be sighted as the reason for the department having run up an overdraft of 246 million pounds sterling. Rumours that the money is being spent building a fence around the entire coastline of the UK to keep illegal foreign chappies out has been strenuously denied.

In other words, as the Truthiness London Bureau has found out, workers unions have advised their members would are Home Office based to not turn up to work tomorrow to see just how many people this unknown figure might be.

Rumours that the number of employees could be as high as 11.75 billion has been discounted by union leaders who state the system couldn't function without at least 12 billion employees.

The Home Office press officer may or may not exist and therefore no-one was able to or leagally contracted to comment.

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