Monday, January 15, 2007

Apple's iphone Unveiled With More Applications Than You Can Shake A Multitasking Stick At

Steve Jobs almost had a baby, the assembled press nearly started fainting and several members of the audience who arrived in wheelchairs left with fully functioning legs and feet.

That's right, it was the official launch of Apple's new iphone and here's the only technology report on the new phone you will need...

- Its a phone, an ipod, a personal organiser, it's a three speed coffee maker and it can sniff out carbon monoxide when you leave it on your bedside table overnight.

- It has memory capacity for 40,000 songs, 20,200 contacts, 5,000 photos or one full 42 minute episode of Boston Legal.

- It will automatically check for new songs by the same artists you already have on it and check for current contacts new phone numbers, it will even tell you when a new version of iphone will be release. But it will only give you three minutes notice before the battery runs out and you lose all information.

and the most surprising feature of all, its only going to cost $40,595.

The cheapest new phone of the season I'm sure you'll agree.

The Truthiness office has 20 on order already.

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