Thursday, January 25, 2007

What Were You Doing During The State Of The Union Daddy?

After President Bush's State Of The Union last night, it's clear that most people didn't watch the speech, all over the country and the World people greeted his speech in varying ways, but one thing linked them; no-one could sit still.

In Iraq , people did watch, afterwards they said it was the best piece of fiction since the premiere episode of NBC's smash-hit 'Heroes'.

In the UK, due to the time difference, those who did watch were mostly drunk or insomniacs. Once the country woke up, they mostly just tut-tutted and said ''those batty Americans''.

On Capitol Hill, Senator McCain fell asleep, Speaker Pelosi refused to applaud and stand during Iraq troop increase announcements and Vice-President Dick Cheney decided to get out his mobile phone and do a little texting.

If you don't believe us, watch him below.

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