Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Windows Vista Asks For A Window Seat ; Gets Stuck In The Middle Seat With No Armrests

With todays launch of Microsoft's new operating system, Windows Vista, the the World has the difficult choice of two heavily marketed computer systems to choose from.

Either Apple's OS

or Microsoft's Windows Vista.

Here The Truthiness Blog gives you a product comparison.

-Apple Mac have a cool, half-eaten apple logo.

-Microsoft Vista has a cool retro design logo with the windows logo, INSIDE a circle, GENIUS!

-Microsoft know how to use the caps lock.

-Apple, especially those in the ipod department have yet to make this discovery.

And the deal-breaker is this explosive disclosure....

-Microsoft have a recycle bin.

-But Apple has a trash can!

Who's more environmentally aware now?

Truthiness Says ; We blow your mind!

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