Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Iraq's Civil War On The Streets Spreads To The Green Zone And The US Presidency

Rather than just biting it's tongue after the Saddam execution and it's mobile phone video which popped up on YouTube and afterward everywhere else online, the US didn't keep it's mouth shut and did the worst thing it could.

It said '' we would have done it differently.''

They could not just have said '' we back the Iraqi authority's moves and support them with whatever they need,'' no, because that would have been a coded message meaning that they had faith in them to govern and go about their duties effectively.

Prime Minister Nouri Maliki said in an interview with a US newspaper that he didn't want the job, does not wish to seek a second term and, perhaps the comment which speaks volumes more than any other, that he can't wait for his current term and job to be over.

Mr Maliki's job was never going to be easy, or anything near or on the same horizon as easy or do-able. When last year he was reported to have asked to have US troops removed from a specific area and was apparently turned-down by the Pentagon, the US washed their hands of the affair by saying they 'hadn't even heard of such a request, but would listen if a request was made.'

Now, first days into 2007, yet another 365 days for this war, the one thing that the US allowed Iraq to do, the execution of Saddam Hussein, which has been carried out swiftly, still drew comments from the US. Like an overbearing parent allowing their child to carry out some task on their own, but looking on shaking it's head and 'tut tutting', then saying after the event, 'that's not how I would have done it but, never mind'.

What does it expect? The Iraqi authority to stand in the huge shadow of the US and listen intently and say 'thank you so much for your help and insight'?

And now Bush is expected, against the advice of the Iraq Study Group and nearly everyone else, to increase dramatically the number of troops in the country. It seems this country needs someone to intervene, like an alcoholic that requires it's decisions to be watched carefully by peers who look on screaming, pleading for the person who has been consumed by this obession, this addiction, to realise what damage is being done.

The Civil war is spreading, like a cancer, over the walls of the green zone, into the US compound. It's also creeping into the White House and swallows Capitol Hill and The Pentagon like some monster that seems to have become expected by citizens, voters and more importantly, Iraqi citizens and is also the norm for soon to be dead US soldiers.

There's 3000 of them lying in the past, how many more will litter the road ahead in the next year of this mess, this total unraveling of what was meant to be a quick three month, in and out game?

Please prove us wrong.

  • Click here for someone who can say the above better than me, Keith Olbermann
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