Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Bush Returns Christmas Present Book; Says He Couldn't Get Into It

The Pennsylvania Avenue branch of Borders is reeling tonight from a returned book purchased as a presidential Christmas present, in good faith prior to the festive season.

At 1.33pm Eastern Standard Time, (10.33am Pacific, for those of you watching this from the West Coast) and 9.33pm Baghdad local, a secret service agent wearing sun glasses, a black suit and a black spray painted single ipod ear-bud entered the local central Washington branch of Borders and slid a carrier bag across the returns counter.

The bag contained a copy of the Iraq Study Group Report which had been bought by Jon Stewart and Bill Maher as a joint Christmas present from Comedy Central and HBO for President Bush.

A woman in the queue returning a faulty copy of 'The Devil Wears Prada' overheard the conversation. '' The agent didn't have the receipt and the counter clerk only accepted the return when he was told they were tapping his phone. He said Bush didn't like the book as he couldn't really get into it and the situations weren't believeable. He was given a gift card for the value, then glided out of the store.'' Quote from Valerie Alexander, 48, a professional queue-er from Baltimore.

Rumours that First Lady Laura Bush was spotted this evening in the same store buying the Special Edition DVD of Air Force One remain unconfirmed tonight.

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