Sunday, January 14, 2007

Bush Numeracy Skills Tested In Troop Announcement

Well everyone hoped against vein hope that the announcement made by President George W Bush would not contain the promise to increase by 21,500 the number of troops on the ground.

He decided to break with tradition and disappoint us with the 21,500 forces personel he's going to move into the country in a last ditch effort to improve or should that be to make things 'less bad', since 'better' is something on another planet's horizon and does not enter Iraq's or Iraqi's vocabulary.

Far though from accusing the President of not being Presidential, despite being in the job since January 2001, he responded to critics of his plan with ' if you don't like my Iraq plan, lets hear yours'.

Like a plumber who insists on replacing a seemingly fine piece of pipe with a bigger piece, then finds it doesn't quite fit and water floods out and ruins your kitchen, then you are told to fix it is to allow him to rip our yet more pipe and install a larger piece still. Then you question what the so-called expert is telling you and he rebuffs you with ' well do you have a better idea?'

You should know what you are doing Sir, you're the leader! You're the one half of the country elected to make the decisions the rest of us hope we never have to even consider.

If you are not smart enough to make those decisions, surround yourself with those who may know more than you.

If you do however consider yourself smart enough to make these smart choices, then take a balancing approach and surround yourself with smart people who disagree with you.

Not through your own choice, the people who voted in the mid-terms choose to make that decision for you and the people they elected, that'd be the Democrats, are the ones who disagree with you.

They have said what you've decided to add to the pot in Iraq is yet more oil which will fuel extra violence and disorder.

If you want this country to govern itself you have to have faith in it's leader, its government and it's neighbours who will know more about the country's needs then you or anyone else who's an outsider, be it, British, American or anyone that stomps in and says, ' this is the way its got to be.''

Have the decency to listen to other people's opinions Sir, be they in Iraq, or in the House Of Representatives.

Because at the least, it's good manners to and at the most, they might actually have a better answer to this mess than you think you do.

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