Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Johnny Depp Seen Combing Beach; Police Get Out The Cannons

Police have again tonight voiced their anger with beachcombers who have been picking up cargo washed up on beaches along Branscombe Beach after the grounding of the MSC Napoli.

After two days of looting police have constantly been voicing outrage at people for not abiding to the law. They don't however seem to have stopped them, although the police are those with the power to arrest people. Are the police working to rule or something?

Despite all the derision being thrown at locals and those who have travelled from further afield to collect items that have washed overboard from the cargo ship, the police have missed off voicing concern with a big player in the situation.

The owner of the ship!

Perhaps they could be more involved and angry at the owner of the MSC Napoli which had to be run aground to prevent in breaking up in bad weather when a crack appeared in the vessel's side during the storms which lashed the south coast last week.

If the ship was correctly maintained, this wouldn't be happening and if the police conducted themselves in a slightly more professional manner than shouting at people who aren't technically doing anything illegal, then this whole furore wouldn't make them look quite as desperate.

But, looking at the pictures, it does look fun, Whiskey Galore for all!

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