Sunday, April 22, 2007

Chickens To Come Home To Roost For The Wolf?

Known as Wolfie by President Bush, the President of the World Bank is skating on very thin ice and the sound of cracks spreading to his patch will get louder this week. The directors of the WB have said they are ''urgently'' wishing to deal with the scandal that's swirling around Mr Wolfowitz. He's accused of lobbying for his girlfriend to gain a pay rise and promotion.

With the general practise that goes along with those who teeter on the brink of being fired, the White House has said it has ''confidence'' in Paul Wolfowitz.

Usually with that show of support being reported it's not long before they are clearing out their desk and having their car park space repainted.

The Truthiness Blog Says ; When he does lose his job, maybe he could get a friendly bank to give him a loan at a generous rate to set up his own consultancy business?

If anything it'll keep the wolf from the door.

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