Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Four Years & One Day on In April 2007

It's been four years and one day since the statue of Saddam Hussein fell and Baghdad was liberated following the invasion of Iraq.

Protests were staged in Baghdad to call for the withdrawal of allied forces in that city and in that country.

Far from the flowers and sweets being thrown at advancing troops it's more likely to be bricks and crudely made explosive devices.

Far from the friendly, warm relationship it was expected Iraq would be having with the US, the Iraq people and government appear to have seen through the absence of a post-war plan, leaving a dangerous and uncertain vacuum in their country.

The Truthiness Blog Says ; It would be wrong to say things haven't changed in Iraq since 2003, they clearly have. Iraq is now more vocal than ever about it's dislike of an occupation by US and allied forces. Could it now be time to consider giving the people we are meant to have liberated back their country?

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