Thursday, April 19, 2007

Technology Gets Virginia Tech Together After Tragedy

Stories have emerged in the last twenty-four hours of how Virginia Tech students checked up on each other, trying to ensure that their classmates, friends, teachers and staff were safe and well and exhanging their individual stories on what happened on that terrible day at such a peaceful, happy place.

Sites such as Facebook and MySpace were filled with the frequent 'are you ok?' message being exchanged between friends and students who may not even have spoken in years, desperate to know that they were safe.

As a way of dealing with the tragedy and the mourning process, the swaping of experiences and stories on that day will allow people to heal and have a comprehensive view of events, allowing greater understanding of what those involved went through when their day was shattered.

The Truthiness Blog Says ; For once, technology, can help those dealing with this life changing event feel more part of a community, instead of isolating people as technology can so often be accused of.

We are all thinking of you at Virginia Tech.

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