Sunday, April 01, 2007

Ocean's Easter Eggs Eleven

With people all over the planet gearing up for the end of this week, tucking into chocolate easter eggs and sweet flavoured rabbits, those celebrating Easter in the UK should be extra careful to check the eggs they might have.

A lorryload of £70,000 worth of Cadburys chocolate eggs were stolen in Staffordshire on Tuesday March 20th. The thieves uncunningly told the driver eggs were falling out the back and jumped in the cab when he got out check.

So if anyone should knock on your day today and attempt to sell you cheap Easter eggs and you happen to be in the Midlands, UK, then check the use by date and if they offer you them for a pound each then for god sake haggle, they've got thousands of them.

The truthiness blog ; Nothing says thank you for your sacrifice like a commercially produced, boxed chocolate hollow egg, that's been stolen.

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