Friday, April 06, 2007

Iran Captives Tell Of Treatment

The UK Royal Navy Personnel have told the press the way they were treated by the Iranian authorities during their captivity.

Over thirteen days the sailors were kept in solitary confinement, were given no news from the outside World, indeed one serviceman said that none of the guards 'spoke English'.

Clearly still shocked and overwhelmed by the experience, the press conference at Royal Navy Base Chivenor, Devon lasted about fifteen minutes and details of their treatment was small in detail and questions about the Navy's reconsideration of procedures for this type of situation in the future were met with a 'we can't comment on that'.

The personnel have ben given two weeks compassionate leave but say they look forward to returning to work.

The Truthiness Blog Says ; Lets sit back and watch the spinning of this story from everyone involved begin.

This is part of the press conference, it is Fox News though, so watch through a 'news' filter. But the feed is almost identical to BBC News 24, so its not that bad.

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