Monday, April 02, 2007

UK Navy Captives ; Bush's Sound & Fury

We're happy to announce this is The Truthiness Blog's one hundredth post.

And not to disappoint anyone our century post is about that old chestnut. President Bush.

He made comments on Sunday about the captured UK Navy personnel, he seemed quite happy to call them hostages, said they should be returned and added '' they're innocent. They did nothing wrong.''

Maybe it would be helpful to all them diplomats working all day and night behind the scenes to have Mr Bush keep from potentially inflamming the situation. He could do well to tone down his language.

On this occasion the UK do not need him throwing in his two cents worth. They have become stuck in this themselves and can sort it out on their own.

The Truthiness Blog ; On this issue, it's what doesn't get said publicly that's important. That applies to President Bush as well as anyone.

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