Monday, April 09, 2007

Hindenberg Warning! This production contains scenes of potential explosion and mild peril.

Confirmation came through like a ten tonne weight landing thwack from a great height today as to President Bush's dislike of hybrid and alternative vehicles.

Last week, with a Ford built hydrogen hybrid vehicle being demonstrated at the White House, President Bush, the hands-on guy that he is, tried to get involved. Fortune didn't shine on the fearless leader though as he had to be stopped by Credit Ford Motor Co. CEO Alan Mulally before he plugged the electrical cord into the hydrogen tank of the demonstration vehicle and nearly blew himself, the Vice-President and half the White House up, not to mention creating a rather large hole in the South Lawn.

The Truthiness Blog Says ; We always knew that the President never liked the idea of non-oil fueled vehicles and now he's confirmed it in public. He'd rather blow himself up than let them gain a market share!

This would have made Cheney shooting that guy in the face look like a wardrobe malfunction.

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