Saturday, April 21, 2007

War On Reality Part 8 ; Iraq Plan Is Going Well

Despite the fact their is still mass civil unrest in Iraq, specifically Baghdad.

Despite the quick turnaround of troops once they reach home to send them back to Iraq, not having had the minimum amount of leave that is required of them.

Despite the attempt to hush up the scandal of terrible conditions at Walter Reed.

Despite the 200 people killed in the marketplace bombings on Wednesday, the worst single day of violence since the security plan lauded by Mr Bush was launched.

Despite all this. Mr Bush says the security plan seems to be working.

What opposite universe is he living in?

If this plan appears to bearing fruit and it involves the construction of whole walled sections of the city, then some people, indeed quite a lot don't like your plan.

The Truthiness Blog Says ; Where will it finish at? Perhaps just build a huge wall around Iraq, with no doorways, that'll keep everyone in the country safe. Good call Sir.

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