Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Holding Them To Account ; Libby Scoots Off To Jail

Like the end of some movie studio created rainbow, the reality that seems to have been absent from politics since mid summer 2001 has begun to be restored with the satisfying news of Lewis Scooter Libby's jail-time being broken.

After revealing the name of a CIA agent in a dangerous and highly irresponsible dirty-tricks game, it seemed any sort of holding-to-account was going to be lost under government heel-dragging and the glacial pace of court procedings.

But eventually, time has caught up with one of those who assumed a position of power provided exemption from the law.

In the end, the truth will out.

Tell The Truthiness ; The news also that President Bush may give Mr Lewis a pardon before he leaves office is perhaps bittersweet, but we should keep faith that accountability should also reach Bush and of course Scooter Libby's former boss, Mr Cheney before too long. Indictments for two anyone?

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