Monday, June 04, 2007

Bomb Plot ; We Have Nothing To Fear But Stupidity Itself & Dick Cheney's Flying Hawk Men

With the news media running the JFK fuel bomb plot as a ''phew we just got away with it, are you scared yet?'', piece, some facts have come through that suggest things weren't quite as we thought.

Firstly, it's become pretty common for big 'we just dodged a bullet' terrorist plots to be revealed at some politically important time for the White House, since this story came though the day before the Democratic New Hampshire debate, we have no doubt that Bush it trying not to disappoint.

Secondly, the huge devastation this plan would have caused has been cast into shadow as engineers have said any explosion could have been easily averted by switching off the flow of fuel. Some media outlets seemed to relish the fact the pipeline runs through Queens, getting all speculative about what 'might have occurred'. It might have caused huge casualties in a residential area? Yeah, it might and Paris Hilton just MIGHT be smarter than we all think, but really it's probably not the case. Law of averages and all that.

Thirdly, the man who gave the tip-off about the plan is a convicted drug-dealer and revealed the information as a deal for a lighter sentence. Now we have no proof, but deals made with those facing jail time, tend to sometimes be exaggerated. We're sure George Bush has on occasion returned to the ranch and told a story about how big the fish was that he almost caught with Dick.

Tell The Truthiness ; People are getting tired of all these plots being drip fed to us and being told how lucky we are, then defence and security officials saying, 'but there's loads more plots we've foiled, we just can't tell you for security, but that shows how efficent the security services are'. Really, if you want to scare us, just rerun the 2000 presidential inauguration tape, or get Dick Cheney to jump into frame during a White House press conference dressed like Ming The Merciless from Flash Gordon.

That would give us nightmares until election day.

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